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RI社長 2022-23





瓊斯是溫莎屢獲殊榮的媒體公司Media Street Productions Inc.的創始人兼董事長。她曾任溫莎大學理事會理事長和溫莎-埃塞克斯區商會會長。她因服務傑出榮獲表彰受頒基督教青年會和平獎章、女王鑽禧獎章及第一位加拿大人獲得的韋恩州立大學的年度和平創造者獎。瓊斯擁有法學博士學位(LL.D.)。


身為首位被提名為的女性,瓊斯深知貫徹扶輪的「多元、平等與包容(DEI)聲明」Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (EDI) Statement 有多麼重要。瓊斯說:「我相信多元、平等和包容……從最高層開始,對於我們來說,要實現女性社員和40歲以下社員的增長---這些人口需要反映在領導層中。」 「我將努力使兩類社員都保持兩位數的增長,同時又不失整個扶輪家庭的視野。」


瓊斯,自1997年以來一直是扶輪社員,曾任國際扶輪的副社長、理事、訓練領導人、委員會主委、主持人及地區總監。她曾任加強扶輪顧問小組主委,在扶輪的品牌重塑工作中發揮了領導作用。她是現在就根除小兒麻痺歷史倒數計時運動委員會共同主委,該委員會的目標是為根除小兒麻痺的工作籌集1.5億美元。瓊斯還曾在2020年領導過成功的「扶輪應援電視馬拉松」(#RotaryResponds Telethon),為COVID-19救濟活動籌集了急需的資金,並有超過65,000人觀看。


瓊斯還曾獲頒國際扶輪的「超我服務獎」與「扶輪基金會有功服務獎」。她與丈夫尼可拉斯•柯雷亞西奇Nick Krayacich是扶輪基金會的阿奇柯藍夫會、保羅哈理斯會及遺贈會的會員。



Jones is founder and president of Media Street Productions Inc., an award-winning media company in Windsor. She was chair of the board of governors of the University of Windsor and chair of the Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce. She has been recognized for her service with the YMCA Peace Medallion, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, and Wayne State University’s Peacemaker of the Year Award, a first for

a Canadian. Jones holds a Doctor of Laws (LL.D.).


As the first woman to be elected president, Jones understands how important it is to follow through on Rotary’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Statement. “I believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion … begins at the top and for us to realize growth in female membership and members under the age of forty — these demographics need to see their own reflection in leadership,” Jones said. “I will champion double-digit growth in both categories while never losing sight of our entire family.”


Jones has been a Rotary member since 1997 and has served Rotary as RI vice president, director, training leader, committee chair, moderator, and district governor. She played a lead role in Rotary’s rebranding effort by serving as chair of the Strengthening Rotary Advisory Group. She is the co-chair of the End Polio Now Countdown to History Campaign Committee, which aims to raise $150 million for polio eradication efforts. She also led the successful #RotaryResponds telethon in 2020, which raised critical funds for COVID-19 relief and was viewed by more than

65,000 people.


Jones has also received Rotary International’s Service Above Self Award and The Rotary Foundation Citation for Meritorious Service. She and her husband, Nick Krayacich, are members of The Rotary Foundation’s Arch Klumph Society, Paul Harris Society, and the Bequest Society.